Our Blood’s Balancing Acts

Dr. Marcial-Vega has studied ‘before and ‘after effects of various treatments on the blood for years in thousands of patients. He also devised a revolutionary system to study ‘live’ blood, using a microscope and video camera to record the results.

Blood that is too Acidic Acidic Blood

This is the blood pof one of his patients before he begin drinking goji. It looks like there are stacks of coin piled against each other. Those are red blood cells. They are not supposed to be like that. They are supposed to be separatr from each other, nice and round. and floating around the blood transporting oxygen, which is not happening here. The blood is very acidic. So, in this prson there is not an adequate transport of oxygen.

The little dots in the background are bacteria in the blood. We are not sterile in this particular person, the bacteria levels are way above normal. The dark spots in the background are pieces of cholesterol.

Improvement Just HOURS After Drinking GOJI
After taking Goji
This is what happened 24 to 36 hours after drinking goji juice in that same patient. The cells have separated, meaning the blood is becoming more alkaline. Oxygen is being transported better. The bacteria floating in the background are still there, but ther has been improvement.

The white blood cell in the center is moving up and becoming wider. It is supposed to move across the blood, eat the bacteria, eat the cholesterol pieces and recognize what is supposed or not supposed to be there.

A Week Later A Week after drinking Goji

And after seven days of taking goji.Look at the cells!!

There is very little anemia — just a little bit in the lower right-hand corner. But most of the cells have a good content of hemoglobin. So, we are seeing at the cellular blodd level how goji and subsequent alkalinization of the blood is affecting the parameters that we know make a big difference in predicting how these people are going to do.

No only that but this white blood cell looks healthy. It has well-delineated edges. It is not fuzzy like the first one we saw.

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